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#86: Getting to be an inspiration June 8, 2011

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I haven’t been married that long.  4 years.  When I set out to write this blog I had a few goals in mind.  To share positive things about marriage.  To encourage marriage in a world of failure to commit and divorce.  To raise marriage up in the eyes of the world to the sacrament it was meant to be.

I try to share little sweet things.  When I talk about difficult things, I try to portray them in a positive light.  Let’s face it.  Marriage can be hard and it’s not always rosy.  But I am 100% committed to my husband and my marriage.  I believe that marriage is not just two people.  It is God plus two people.  I am committed to both partners.  God helps me with my marriage.

There are people out there who are really struggling in their marriages.  They are dealing with infidelity, abandonment, heart ache, abuse, substance abuse, and indifference.  I am grateful that my marriage only has minor issues and I pray that we never have to face any horrible things.  But to those who are facing those things, please know that there is a community of Christians out there who will pray for you.  Priests and ministers who can counsel you.  And  most importantly, God is there for you.  All you have to do is call on Him. 

I hope that it is an encouragement for you to visit my blog and hear my sometimes silly little things I love about my husband and my marriage.  This blog is written with love for God, my husband, my marriage, and all of you who are happily or unhappily married.  I hope it gives you some encouragement or inspiration to hang in there and have faith and to work with God to repair your marriage.


#25: Trips Together September 17, 2010

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Our family is getting ready for a trip to Hilton Head.  There is nothing like piling in the card for a family trip.  Picking out just the right car snacks.  Making sure I pack the travel pillow for my son.  A few Cokes for my husband for the long drive.  I like the planning, preparation, and orchestrating that I get to do as a wife.  Being a wife, and a mother, involves so many behind the scenes and often unseen acts of love.  Little touches.  But when these things are not done, the trip doesn’t go as well.  These little acts of love I do for God, by way of my family.



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